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Achieving your objectives to gain advantage requires foresight and experience. Let us help you to move forward with confidence.


International tax planning, as its name implies, is a very complex field, especially because it involves more than one tax jurisdiction, and there are many fundamental issues to be considered before a good decision can be made. Finding tax-efficient solutions requires both careful and professional attention to ensure that the wishes and needs of the client are fulfilled. Without proper advice, not only at the outset but each time a client's situation changes, numerous problems may arise and tax liabilities may even rise instead of being reduced.

Through us you have access to a unique, worldwide network of specialist lawyers, tax consultants and other professionals who are experts in their fields. AssetHouse combines the expertise of these professionals in their relevant fields to provide you with excellent advice and service no matter how complex your needs are.

Typically clients are advised on the following matters:

  • Estate and inheritance planning;

  • Holding structures: tax optimisation for dividends and capital gains;

  • Holding assets in different countries, directly or through companies or other entities, and related tax matters;

  • Transfer of domicile, with its effects on tax and inheritance issues;

  • Business investments abroad, through appropriate investment vehicles;

  • International trade: choice of business location and other tax issues;

  • Licensing of copyrights, patents, trademarks worldwide: minimisation of foreign withholding taxes, VAT issues;

  • Establishment of shareholders' agreements within families or groups of investors;

  • Legal assistance in sale and purchase of companies/investments.

  • Offshore wills: investments in the client’s own name - no matter where in the world your investments are, we recommend that you have a separate will for each country

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